urghhh … urge … to kill…..

At some point I can say now days the average computer savvy geeks has been drafted to the very stressful and low-paying ranks of “Technical Support” although (no offense) the streamyx customer support are opposite this situation :11: . I have my share with “Tech support” on my everyday work from my previous company and current. Whether due to job description or a family favor, sometimes you just have to help out a computer user in need or youself go lurking around some forum looking for a trouble user that need help (omg how noble us geek are, well sometime lol) that why people call us geeks in the first place right? :17: .

Unfortunately amongst the throngs of the clueless, there’s bound to be a handful (i think more than you can handle) that stand out for their phenomenal lack of usable brain cells and amazing inability to listen and follow directions being given :01: . When this kind of these lusers needs help, brace yourself and prepared to work through your break/sleep time/game time/gediks time (note the last one only apply to me :p) :tensen: , bang your head on the wall a few hundred or maybe thousand of times :hedban: , and hit the mute button on the phone and scream  :23 (NOTE: in streamyx customer support are the opposite again it US that are screaming not them haha).

When encountering with such a tremendous feel the pain in the ass, the only way to classify the problem is PEBKAC. Don’t know what PEBKAC is? :20:  … still dont know? :18:  …have you google it?  :blur:   …OMG still?  :09:  …still no clue??  :21:  …whatt???? :19:   …you got to be kidding me? :28: …you found it?  :31: YAY now you know you are not one of them because you know without I have to tell you what is it GOOD JOB! :03: , But because I’m feeling so generous today (actually have to much time to waste), i’ll help you out.

PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. :swt:

READ: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_error

lastly thank for my colleagues comment that inspire me to write this shit lol :joget:

Our ftp works just fine, tested. Remote PEBKAC, please use LART. Koistinen, Petri