frying pan smd soldering

this is my first try to solder smd component not sure if if was a success or crash and burn

Items used:

– ADXL335 pcb sensors kits
– frying pan
– electric stove

pcb board pre-tin


align resistor and the adxl sensor


next step was putting the pcb on a frying pan, heat up the stove for 1 minutes (100c) when it start melting i crank the heat to 180c

I think i burned one of the sensor but good thing i got spare to try again

the result


will test it to see if the sesnor survive the “cooking” hopefully it does or i just burned a 6usd worth of sensor lol,

ADXL335 PCB kits:

Prototyping multiwii board

Today my packages of veroboard with some header & voltage regulator arrived from cytron.

The project goal is to use the veroboard as a protoshield for my arduino mega 2650 that going to be used for my multiwii quad copter flight controller

Plan for multiwii board

– Use arduino mega 2650
– veroboard ans proto shield
– WII motion plus gyro
– ADXL345 acc ( auto leveling)
– BM085 preasure sensor (altitute hold)
– HCM5883 magnetometer (heading hold)

and gps in future when the code are mature, most part arr bought from local online shop such as:

and sensor most of them will be bought from ebay as there much cheaper!

more updates soon!