Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 3 (Completed)

Finally a fully functional Reprap 3D printer, got my crucial part for cleaning up my wiring which is a acrylic plate, cleaned up my wiring nice and tidy now :), for previous post

Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 1

Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 2

20140530_225313everything wrap up nicely now no more messy cable dangling around

20140530_225116 20140530_224953printer still need some calibration, initial Slic3r setting seem close enough printing 20×20 cube yield 20.x result which is acceptable for me


here few thing that I have printed after the calibration,

Gopro 2 Naked mount (


Base Plate and if you notice it now attached to my front frame of the printer :)




a few micro quad arm (

MishaT Spool holder (, bought the bearing from,


attached nicely to the printer :)

Some Keychain made using thinkercad which have my HAM callsign 9W2DLR :)20140529_155906

XT60 battery cap, this was actually my first print and get me realize that my Y axis are inverted :p20140529_000359


Overall it a fun build and straight forward, I still waiting for my LCD controller so I don’t need to have my laptop connected to the RAMPS when printing which is sometime will take 12 hours! :)

I tried to print Zam Kossel part but 20 minutes before completion whole house when blackout! the print almost take 5 hours but failed at the end but I think I can still use the part

20140530_225047more to come, hopefully can do some video showing the printer printing :)

Stay tuned





Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 2

Another update of my Mendelmax Build, Part 1 can be found here Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 1

Originally the extruder drive is installed like this but I don’t like to see the cable poking like that, What I did was I just rotated it 90 degree problem solve :D


after rotated


next is fixing the loose hotend, Mr, Bayer suggested to put a M8 washer between the hotend/extruder but unfortunately the  M8 washer a slightly bigger than the hole of the hotend, but lucky enough if you an RC and have these at your disposal


I taken the motor mount from the small brushless motor, take my dremel and grind it flat! presto you have a perfect fit washer which solve my loose hotend problem :)


nice fit in the extruder


Perfect fit!



this the fun part, software and electronics testing, I’m using repetier-host for my software for now until my LCD controller arrive, wiring still a mess as I need to test the RAMPS1.4 first before tidying up everything,





when sending my XYZ to home I just realize that my machine is backward lol! look like I have to fix that later and also need to move my spool holder to the back of the printer, plus need to re-route the extruder fans/hotend cable to the back too

20140528_082050Kapton tape! ensential vitamin when dealing with 3D printer


Because it was late I was not able to finish software testing only manage to test my end stop are working perfectly fine, more to come stay tune!


Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 1

After doing a lot of research and selling of my 3020 CNC machine and with courtesy of my lovely wife for allowing me to buy one :D I finally bought a 3D printer from Blomker, Mr. Bayer was kind enough to do cash on delivery at Bukit Kiara with no extra charge :cayo: kudos to him,here is my partially build log I was only motivated taking picture for the first 30 minutes later in the build I totally forgot to snap anymore pictures  :33:

more about blomker can be found here

Look like an ordinary box but beware a self replicating machine is in it  :07:



Unboxing the stuff everything was pack rather nicely

20140524_204729 20140524_204739

heating bed Mk2a, Mr. Bayer also kind enough to provide me the 200×200 glass bed for it :)


3D printed plastic part, Mendelmax used 20×20 aluminuim extrusion which is easy to source here in malaysia



Nema 17 Stepper motors the one with plastic part is for the extruder


Green Florescent PLA 1.75mm, My hotend is 0.4mm


Let start assembling, first we need to assemble the base of the frame

20140525_100635 20140525_100813 20140525_111242

and from here on I totally ditch my camera and concentrate on the build :D, 5 hours later I have this weird looking contraction on my desk, I still need to do some wiring for the electronic and soldering as for now I’m pretty excited to finally own a 3d printer, More to come on part 2

PS: the white hose are the remnant of my cnc vacuum dust collector which remind me to take it of after this



GoodLuckBuy ATT-X4-16 650 Quad

Been testing the frame for a while now still can’t get APM2.6 to fly properly with the frame, need more flight time on it, my current setup as follow

– ATT-X4-16 650 Quad (Goodluckbuy)
– RCTimer 650kv motor with 12×4.5 carbon nylon props
– F30A simonk ESC
– Hobbyking Power Distributor board
– RCTIMER gorpo2 brushless gimbal combo
– 4200mAh 4S 40c Ty-MAX lipo


– Big Size! can take up to 13″ props
– Double CF plate top/bottom for motor mount which X8 configuration posible
– Foldable! easy for transportation especially when you use big props!


– Frame come with no build instruction
– landing gear are a joke so flimsy might as well get a sturdier one
– heavy frame 400g+
– Fiber glass rod, invest some money on CF rod 12mm for landing skid 16mm for arm

I used 12×12 aluminum for my Gimbal mounting as I have no way to mount my gimbal with the 12mm rod, everage flight time 5 min  probarly the tymax battery is going to die early, and I have not even put my FPV gear yet , will have to figure out most efficient setup and props combination with the motor

FX-61 Hobbyking Phantom FPV

Last year bought this plane for my fpv’ng but due to it large size it hard to bring this beast around, plane will be given away for free to anyone in malaysia if you are willing to pickup it up from me :)

Hobbyking does not seem to re-stock the plane anymore most probably it has been replaced by FX-71 buffalo or Go Discovery wing

My current setup of the wing are

– NTM 3536 1400KV 600Watt motor with 60A ESC

– 10×6 aeronaut carbon cam

– 4200mAh for short range and 10,000mAh battery 3S

– MG929 hobbyking 12g servo

– PV0420 640tvl with 200mw bevrc 1.3ghz video transmitter

– BEVRC RX with 5 turn Helical (10km record so far with 200mw)

– Dominator Goggle

– Storm OSD with RTH

Kits will include NOTHING only bare kits no servo or anything

some picture of it current condition


not pretty but still flyable :D, here was previously assemble with OSD

20130609_170041 20130622_091642 20130622_133542

last video FPV around Puncak jalil with inverted landing at the end :D