Small Desktop CNC Machine

Small Desktop CNC Machine

Usually can get it cheap on ebay, good for pcb isolation milling and small engraving and cutting, as to date I have cut acrylic,fiber glass and carbon fiber without any problem, I’m using cambam for gcode generator (quite a while to learn how to use cambam) and mach3 to run the machine, only downside of the machine is it small work space but with the right tools you can upgrade the Y,X axis, Since I’m using notebook and lack of paralel printer port I have no choice to use a USB motion controller (UC100: ) which enable mach3 to be use with USB port quite expensive but worth every penny

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Room Clean up

Taking some time to clean up and organize my “workshop” last night, Bought Pegboard from a shop from gombak for RM86 and the mounting hardware from Ace (30%)


DIY PVC wall Plane Rackplane_hang

HAM: Callsign Sticker Design

My personal call sign sticker design, anyone interested with the design for personal use feel free to drop a comment or email, But if you like to use it for commercial use please discuss it with me first for pricing I’m not willing to give this for me if you intent to re-sell it

9W2DLR-Black 9W2DLR-flat