Using nmcli connecting to wireless network

I always use minimal installs on Raspberry pi because they’re quick to download and you can test most of the functionality of the device very quickly, but the downside of minimal images it doesn’t have a GUI to use the nice graphical tools which are useful to quickly connect to a wifi network configuring your network device.

This where nmcli comes in handy to quickly do anything you can do with the GUI.example to connect to a Wifi device:

List your wifi device

# nmcli radio
enabled enabled enabled enabled

show device status

# nmcli device
wlan0 wifi disconnected -- 
eth0 ethernet unavailable -- 
lo loopback unmanaged --

To actually connect to a wireless Acces point:

# nmcli device wifi rescan
# nmcli device wifi list
# nmcli device wifi connect ssid-name password password

to avoid your password being recorded by bash history add –ask example:

# nmcli -ask device wifi connect ssid-name password

It should be enough to get you connected. you can also use nmcli connection to list all configured connection you have example:

# nmcli c
ens192 3e4458f1-1343-40ae-8d44-de70304125a8 ethernet ens192

FLSUN Cube 3D printer Assembly Day #1

Last week I sold of my Flashforge Dreamer and decided to look for a replacement, I was planning to buy the Tevo Tarantula Kits, but after browsing around I stumbled across the new FLSUN large (FLSUN Cube)build volume print, compare to the Tevo it seem this one have a more rigid structure with almost like corexy setup, plus did I mention is big? and so I ordered one via Aliexpress App and to my luck is was on sales.

Here some specs of the printer:


I have to give some credit to the seller for the very prompt respond and shipping, Ordered on Thursday and on Tuesday I got the printer, that was some fast shipping from china to Malaysia




Some Unboxing, the box come with a little damages but upon inception I don’t see any broken part so it good, so full mark with the packaging here

Some picture of the contain, very well packed and organize

I started the build last night but only manage to finish the frame for now, more to come!


To Be continued…


Fastshark Dominator v2.2 Unboxing

After 4 month of waiting this guys finally show up in my mailbox, here some unboxing pictures nothing more! :)

Note: click for larger images

BOX come sealed, if your are not mean the retailer already opened the box!!








The new case are softer than the old nice and bigger compartment, feel nicer too, it also sealed with plastic wrap if your are not mean your goggle already been opened by the retailer








Manual! was supprise to see it I was expecting it didn’t come with one, and common fatshark sticker :)

20141016_141443 20141016_141451












What you get Inside!








That all folks no time to try it yet :D

Reptile Style 800 Size 6s Quad


Recently I got myself a TBS clone quad frame kit from a friend so decided to try a 6s quad, I have a new Pixhawk from goodluckbuy at my disposal so might as well test it out


– Frame TBS style with RCtimer S800 Arm
– Rctimer 5010/14 360KV Multicopter Brushless Motor (5.0mm Shaft)
– 14×5.5 Carbon Props
– 45A multistar ESC opto
– Pixhawk with neo7h
– 2200mAh 6s, it 2200mAh 3s in series will try 3000 later
– Rangelink LRS with FRSky Taranis
– 3D Printed Gimbal for SJ4000

S800 arm from rctimer are suck, if you plan to use it make some mod on it, I removed the brass stub that hold the screw and take a 3.5mm drill bit make a hole from top to the bottom (will post picture later), and take a M3 40mm screw to fasten the arm

Initial flight was fine but had a crash when trying autotune for first time, most probably my mid throttle are to high (500), the Quad only need around 30% to hover at 8A!

Turn out the issues with the motor and esc combination motor getting out of sync so I ordered myself 5x these

Sunrise BLHELI Multi Series 20A 2-6S

thanks to rcgroups for suggesting the esc to me

It almost crashed the second time but my good reflex save the quad from kissing the ground again

I get total 7min with 2200mAh 6s on this test will try 3300mAh next time and maybe 5000mAh 6s

Hopefully I can get the ESC before weekend so I can test it again with the new ESC

Autotune crash and almost crash video