Tired ….

I’m so tired today, so much to do at work i suppose to finish out my report (printing and binding) but my office network when down which mean I can’t access the printer anymore making my job stuck in the middle I waited about 1 hrs hoping the network to be ok but no luck so rather than waiting I decide to go home, good thing I was just in time for the last train to seremban at KL sentral if not I maybe end up walking or hicthiking to get home but still I have to walk about 3KM from the Train station to my house because the last bus was at 10:30PM and when I arrive it already 11:45PM.

Darn now I realy wish that I have the money to pay the down payment for the bike (check out my previous post) I would not have to face this problem ever if I do! right now I need some sleep got a lot thing to do tomorrow, and I have to continue my work on sunday,yes I know people dont work on sunday but I DO!!!


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