Just not getting better …

As i expected last weekend does not even worth to mention so frustrated with everything that happen and yesterday is the worst day ever a lot of work and got a RM300 “saman” i think it a speed trap while i was working outstation to terrengganu, the ironic is it a speed trap summons and i only exceed 18km/h the speed limit :-/ the speed limit is 70km/h i was caught driving 88km/h i should have floor the gas padel even more if i know I’m going to get a fine :-/ was a waste of money …, I’m also end up hurting someone else :( it make me feel bad for what i have done, I’m really sorry :( i felt so guilty right now maybe i was born stupid and will be always stupid … as for now i feel like uhh dunno maybe a snip my previous entry can describe it So today summarizes :

  • can’t think of anything else except my gf :(
  • lazy mode?or maybe not in the mood
  • Super flat broke.

And last but not least :

  • Feeling miserable (VERY).

Here some from my previous entry:


Hang out in the past and dwell upon all the negative, awful things that have happened to you.

Get sick. Use your illness as an excuse for self pity. Don’t carry your own load. Cease thinking for yourself. Become totally dependent upon other people telling you what to do. Then blame them for controlling your life. Add the complaining game to your “martyr party.”

Whoever complains the loudest and longest wins. Get yourself fired!

Give up all activities that may give you a sense of purpose, recognition, belonging or fun.

Don’t take care of yourself. Let yourself go. Don’t wash your hair or shower too often.

Don’t get dressed in the morning. Hang out in front of the TV. Frown… a lot. If your face never moves, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles. You get wrinkles from smiling too much!

Hang out in the future. Just imagine all the horrible things that could happen… whew! Cut yourself off from all contact with people. Who needs them anyway?

maybe it can make me feel better if i try to do it .. (I never thought i will get to use it again!) but i think it a bit too much :p, maybe i just use point no.1 :(


Bad or Not?

My weekend CAN be considered as awfull :( but good thing i have someone to comfort me and love me, my gf so baik :p oh and tidak lupa juga sangat mengadiks :D, we both have a quite disturbing weekend i guess but somehow we manage to get thru it :) , btw semalam hujan lebat sampai banjir jalan on the way balik rumah but nasib baik la motor aku stok bley redah air :p (untung pakai motor off-road ni) then yg x besh nyer plak sakit dada sebab hiccup bawak ke petang hiccup aku ni baru jer ok maybe di sebabkan kasih sayang yang mencurah-curah dpt dari GF :D.

Btw ada sikit add-on aku install utk wordpress (sila lihat sidebar sebelah kanan anda) ^^ oh saya sudah malas nak tulis panjang-panjang nanti la bila ada mood sambung har har har

Just another day passed …

1. tangan still sakit doc cakap around 2 week baru ok if not dtg balik hospital checkup

2. xda mood mode dont ask why.

3. to much work at the office lazy mode :-/

touch up sikit Themes bagi au rasa senang hati, too bad the original author stop improving this themes i realy love most of his work, harap-harap dia start la balik buat themes-themes utk WP, btw tangan aku sakit sebab baru-baru ni mengelakan kancil yang sangat pandai mengelak lubang di jalan himpit aku ke divider pastu buat muka donno sib baik perempuan kalau x kompem dpt penyepak so tangan aku ada sikit retak kat jari , sikit jer x byk xleh menyebabkan kematian pun.

the last few days is a very bad day for me hope i can get over it after this weekend. right now i just need some rest

PS: wtf! 5:00AM Still can’t sleep X(