Secure Your Wifi! NOW!

This messages is for those who OWN a wireless router.

Why I urge you guys to secure it?, I recently moved to a new place since the new house have no telephone line which mean I have no internet access until I get the phone line (DAM!). So booted my Ubuntu and plugged my D-Link DWL-G122 usb wireless stick to my notebook (I haven’t used it for while because my notebook have internal wifi card)

So you guys much be wondering why should I use it now, It because DLink DWL-G122 Rev C1 are commonly known for cracking Wireless AP :) and I urgently need an Internet access (You should get the point) . So you have configured your AP to use WEP either 64 or 126 bit hex key and you it think it secure enough, guess what you might want to think about it again, with a proper sotfware tools, knowlage and hardware (which I do meet the requirement :p) now days I can easily Crack WEP configured router for WPA it can be done too but we malaysian like too use password that commonly not listed in any password list in the net :D (Good for those WPA guys are safe from me :p).

Around my house (I’m at the 6th Floor btw) I can see average 5-7 AP available, In just 30 minutes I cracked most of them :p, just a few that take a bit longer because it have no client active when I’m doing the cracking. WEP is actually safe for common people but IT NOT SAFE AROUND PEOPLE LIKE ME! SO BEWARE! >:) here some tips help you guys strengthen up your wireless networks.

  1. If you going to use WEP combine it with MAC address access list so only your pre-define MAC address can connect to your AP.
  2. Use WPA!! and with a not common use password combine it with letter and number!! So if some realy want to crack your AP it will give him a lot of time to do it or maybe fail and give up :p
  3. !!!CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT ACCESS POINT ROUTER!!! don’t think you configured using WEP no one will able to connect, example all of the crack AP around my house still using the default password for the router ADMIN this is common mistake when people think there are secure enough!!
  4. !!!CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT ACCESS POINT ROUTER!! <– MANDATORY!! (just to make sure you remember! :P)
  5. Always check your Access Point Log if you configured DHCP check the client list!! make sure NO UNWANTED people connecting!!!

I really really really really really recommended using WPA because even using MAC Address List I can still connect by spoofing the MAC access to a Valid Mac address that allowed by the Access Point!. Unless you are like me that own 2 firewall that I can configured it to block any IP that not in the access list so I don’t really mind someone manage to crack my WEP key because they wont get anywhere with it :D

Thanks for reading my 1st can be considered useful for some people :D

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