How to clear your AutoComplete History

AutoComplete is a feature offered by many browsers to keep track of information that you have recently typed, such as website address, and form information (like login forms). Its purpose is to try and anticipate what you are typing so that it can provide you with possible matches and thus save you time. But sometime you don’t want other people to know that you are searching right :p (you get what I mean when you are reading this).

so here is how you can remove autocomplete entry from firefox and Internet Exporler, for this example we be using IE7 and firefox 2

Fire up your IE7 and go to “Tools -> Internet Options ” click on the general tabs find a buttons under the “Browsing History” part labeled “Delete” it should look like this:


Choose the want that you want to delete and obviously we want to delete the auto complete which is the “Form Data” :) click delete forms and you are done!.

On Firefox go to “Tools -> Options -> Privacy” On the Private data section which is located at the bottom of the tab click the “Clear Now..” button a pop ups that look similar to this will show up:


Choose the type of data you want to clear in our case it would be “Saved Form and Search History” and you are done.

Note: In firefox linux/unix it not the same the option can be found in menu “EDIT -> Preferences” .

If you want to disable auto complete permanently you do it by configuring it in the option

1. In IE7 “Tools ->Internet Options -> Contents tab” click on the autocomplete setting and uncheck check stuff that you don’t want.


2. In firefox “Tools->Options->Privacy” Uncheck the marked option like in the picture to disable it.


If you have any question regarding this just leave a comment

Thank you.

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