Firefox 3 as default broswer

Setting up firefox 3 as your default broswer in 10 seconds :lol:

Follow the picture:

1. click on tools -> options

2. Click on Advance Tabs -> below it click General -> click the Marked button and you are done! less than 10 seconds!! :D

ps: this entry is dedicated to my beloved finace :lol: :cool: :mrgreen:

/bin/rm: Argument list too long.

Have you ever encountered this particular messages? don’t know what to do with it? I used to get this a lot on some of the freeBSD server that I maintain, mostly cause when I try to delete the sendmail queue’s, my sendmail realy like to fill up the /var/spool partition :p so from time to time I have to delete it manually, but the thing is the folder contain to many files when I try to rm -fr * nasty “/bin/rm: Argument list too long.” show up. Well the solution is fairly simple (for me that is) for me just use some shell script magic:

1st I make sure I’m in the /var/spool/mqueue, so we don’t want accidentally delete the / partition don’t we?, trust me I happen to me once good thing I run it on my VMware machine if not I’ totally fsck :p. So back to our folder /var/spool/mqueue that is, I just issued this single line of shell script:

for x in *; do rm -vfr $x; done

and all the thousand files in /var/spool/mqueue is gone! there some other way to delete multiple files here a good example how with a different approach :

find . -name '*' | xargs rm

where “.” is the current directory the command is being run


What New !!

Good morning!! wow 3 entry in 1 day :p so here the thing just got back from outstation being busy lately today I got the chance to update and upgrade my wordpress, Then I came across this wonderful theme by Prelovac named Amazing Grace! man I really love it :D, and you got to love the rotating picture above :

asĀ  you guy can see the picture will rotate I spend about 2 hours with GIMP editing and putting my archived picture to it so take time to refresh and enjoy the random pic :D.

4:49AM GMT+8 …. sleep time :p to sleepy to write more than this ngahahahaha


On the Bike!

Penang Bike Fest is near!!!

Please Ignore the date on the poster the actual date is 23 August 2008 – 24 August 2008, I don’t know if I can join or not because my bike have radiator problem! demm wish I could go :p, so fellow bikers RIDE HARD OR STAY HOME!!