Today is Thursday!

The title has nothing to do with the post content :blur: just feel like it  :mabuk: and as you guy notice today entry is in english for a change :07: , enough said today nothing much happen I’m sleeping all day long like a big fat panda :32: I woke up around 3:30PM I think (Note: I sleep at 4:00AM) I was going to keep on sleeping but my fiancee woke me up :33: , if she didn’t woke me I maybe ending up sleeping until 6PM :33: .

Nothing much happen today, still on holiday until sunday only doing some mesurement on my vulcan exhaust need it to buy a roll of Thermal Wrap for it, posibly going to order a roll from forumers and get it by sunday (hopefuly), still I need a 600 degree heat resistant black spray can the exhaust is so rusty :30: , After got all the exhaust wrap & painted then I would consider re-paint the bike but still can’t decide the color scheme the only color I can think of is Black & White :swt: I’m not very good with color :33: so any sugestion would be nice :12: I realy appriaciated it :joget: .

My Initial idea was paint it all black and fix some white sticker on it or maybe some white/red sticker depends on the design, that is if I can fine a suitable design and someone can make the sticker for me so still doing my research, using sticker much easier than making the design with paint :31: , any sugestion can be emailed to me at idzuwan (at)

Thank you,

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