DIY QuadCopter with KK Board

Finally have the time to post this being doing this for quite sometime now, finally finished with a good result but still need to brush my flying skill a bit more :)

Most people in Multimotor consider this as a mini QuadCopter but to me this Quad considered medium size Quad

This is what I call mini QuadCopter:

Size Different when side by side

the mini haven’t have it maiden flight yet as number of problem with the electronics setup, will need some new part to fix that but the medium quad is flyable!

Will post flight video if I have one in near future!


KK Board 5.5e –

MultiWii –

RC Explorer TriCopter (my inspiration) –


Adding photo to facebook album via mobile apps

I have being searching how to add my photo to facebook album via mobiles apps (android) facebook “help does not” does not really that help you so I figured it out my self, take note I’m using the Facebook Android apps on my galaxy note but the functionality should be identical to the Facebook iPhone apps.

Step 1. go to your profiles and go to your album list, tap the neat looking + button at the top right:



























Step 2. chose to upload a photo of course  hero



























Step 3. after you chosen an images tap on the marked icon in the picture, it will allow you to set which album you to assign to images to


























Final Step!: once you confirm the album are selected all you need to do left is tap upload or cancel you choose then you are basically done!


























take note that this will not work if you uploading directly from you profiles pages it only works when you try to add an images from the Album list, that all folks hope you will find this useful


Fresh update for 2012!

Finally have moved my blog to a more users friendly domains ( :17: , the old domains ( :09:  is not really suitable for a blog anyway :D, the best thing is wordpress make it easy for the move :03: , I just need to copy my old WP installation folder and then change the domain in the General Setting.

When done, I just need to install and run Velvet Blues Update URLs plugins to fix post URL and attachment Finished in less than 10 minutes!  :cayo: and with mod_rewrite I able to forward any request from the old urls to the new domain without a hassle!

<ifmodule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]