Hobbyking X550 Build log

This is my X550 from hobbyking build log, cheap frame made out of fiberglass plate with aluminum arm, to be honest all the part is cleanly cut as promoted the only this is lacking are “assembly manual” took some time for me to figure out how to assemble all the thing but still fairly easy to do so here is my pictorial build log

Source: www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24151__Hobbyking_X550_Glass_Fiber_Quadcopter_Frame_550mm.html

This is all the part come with in the box not much :)


as i mention earlier there no assembly manual what you see what you got, i wonder what we going to do with this bunch of screw, oh ya you will need HEX for all the screw!

So let start with the Arm, straight forward procedure insert the screw to the hole :D

do it with all 4, remember do not fastened it to tight if you want to fold it, if you dont have any plan to fold it just tighten it as hard as you can :p,

Note: good thing is all the nut are nylock!

do the same for Arm sorry i forgot to get the picture for arm landing skid so I skipped to the finished build T_T

Test fitting my DT750 motor

frame folded

The frame can take prop size from 8 inch to 12 inch i think as I tested with 11 inch still have some space left

frame weight with out electronics

some few problem might to take note of when folding the frame

extra nut and bolts?

Battery strap come with the frame


UPDATE (20/05/2012)

As Peter request this is how I mount my DT750, I used stock mount I’m using M3 Screw for it, but you can’t use washer on top part you can only use at the bottom

PS: will not use DT750 for this frame to motor heavy I start sourcing for a new motors, not that this DT750 not good but I wont be doing any heavy lifting yet, for sport flying the motor is and overkill

so conclusion


1. frame is cheap $19.99 usd

2. Arm can be replaced with any aluminum tube you can find that sold in those hardware store or you can also use wood

3. Easy to assembly even without any instruction

4. fiber glass plate are nicely CNC cut

5. It light!, my DJI F330 is heavier than this frame :p

6. can take props size up to 12 inch!

7. all mount hole for motor pre-drilled but does not quite fit my DT750 motor



1. no instruction manual (it cheap can’t complain much) but would be nice to have one.

2. the fiber glass may wear out if you fold and unfold the frame to frequent.

Overall it a good frame to have especially for those looking for budget frame and don’t want to make your own frame :), still planning what to do with this frame maybe I’ll put DT750 motors or get a new smaller motor for this for now it will be join my others stuff in the cabinet

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  • Peter on May 20, 2012 at 13:29 said:

    Thanks for the build log! How was your experience using the DT750s with this frame? Did you have to use an adapter to mount them? I have these motors and am scratching my head as how to affix them to the frame!

  • zuan on May 20, 2012 at 20:38 said:


    I have updated the post, not sure why you did not manage to mount it as when i tested (picture uploaded) it fit just nice, only you can’t use washer at the bottom but not on top, I decided wont be using the motor for the frame just to big and and overkill I’m not doing any heavy lifting yet so I gonna use a smaller motor something like EMAX 1200kv, the DT750 just an overkill for sport flying :) hero

  • colorex on October 21, 2012 at 03:36 said:

    Hi, I’d like to ask some questions…

    What do you think of this frame? Can it take a crash? Is it sturdy?

    I want to buy this frame together with the gimbal, but I don’t want to waste my money on bad stuff…
    I want to use it for aerial photography, if you can suggest a better frame/gimbal at a similar price, please do so.


  • zuan on October 22, 2012 at 15:12 said:


    It can take a crash but surviving it a diffrent story, the arm as aluminum so if you crash it can be easily replaced by those standard hardware store aluminium, center plate quite sturdy should able to take the crash unless you crash from 100 feet high, even a 10k frame wont survive that kind of crash unless you land on tree :D

    I can’t really suggest a frame for as I don’t do Aerial photo, my frame are all for fpv sport flying not for aerial photo, any frame should do good but i do recommend hexa for Aerial it more stable than quad

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