Patapon 2 Is almost here!

Yes!! Patapon 2 is realeasing! but unfortunately it will take a while for the US version to came out tho :28: incase you guy does not know pataton is a rythm based games that make you to tap the joystick acording to the drum beat, how you control your character is by the beat. the previous patapon was my faveriote games on PSP I can play it for almost 1 day :p enough talk here some trailer of the patapon 2!




Diablo 3 Confirmed!

FINALLY!!!! Blizzard officially announced DIABLO 3!!!! a few days a go I was chatting with some guys in #saiyaman-malay @ about the old diablo 2 game and wondering when does blizzard going to make diablo 3 and most of us realy anticipating the release, and today a News on AusGamers website stumble me speechless! Diablo 3 Confirmed! OMG!!! I could not belive it finally! after a long waited blizzard annouced the coming release of Diablo 3!

for more info click the link below:

AusGamers News:

Diablo 3 Offcial Website! :

Diablo 3 gameplay video!: