Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 2

Another update of my Mendelmax Build, Part 1 can be found here Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 1

Originally the extruder drive is installed like this but I don’t like to see the cable poking like that, What I did was I just rotated it 90 degree problem solve :D


after rotated


next is fixing the loose hotend, Mr, Bayer suggested to put a M8 washer between the hotend/extruder but unfortunately the  M8 washer a slightly bigger than the hole of the hotend, but lucky enough if you an RC and have these at your disposal


I taken the motor mount from the small brushless motor, take my dremel and grind it flat! presto you have a perfect fit washer which solve my loose hotend problem :)


nice fit in the extruder


Perfect fit!



this the fun part, software and electronics testing, I’m using repetier-host for my software for now until my LCD controller arrive, wiring still a mess as I need to test the RAMPS1.4 first before tidying up everything,





when sending my XYZ to home I just realize that my machine is backward lol! look like I have to fix that later and also need to move my spool holder to the back of the printer, plus need to re-route the extruder fans/hotend cable to the back too

20140528_082050Kapton tape! ensential vitamin when dealing with 3D printer


Because it was late I was not able to finish software testing only manage to test my end stop are working perfectly fine, more to come stay tune!


Small Desktop CNC Machine

Small Desktop CNC Machine

Usually can get it cheap on ebay, good for pcb isolation milling and small engraving and cutting, as to date I have cut acrylic,fiber glass and carbon fiber without any problem, I’m using cambam for gcode generator (quite a while to learn how to use cambam) and mach3 to run the machine, only downside of the machine is it small work space but with the right tools you can upgrade the Y,X axis, Since I’m using notebook and lack of paralel printer port I have no choice to use a USB motion controller (UC100: ) which enable mach3 to be use with USB port quite expensive but worth every penny

20131217_232453 20131218_211319 20140205_222018 20140205_222026 20140205_22204220140212_004248

Fresh update for 2012!

Finally have moved my blog to a more users friendly domains ( :17: , the old domains ( :09:  is not really suitable for a blog anyway :D, the best thing is wordpress make it easy for the move :03: , I just need to copy my old WP installation folder and then change the domain in the General Setting.

When done, I just need to install and run Velvet Blues Update URLs plugins to fix post URL and attachment Finished in less than 10 minutes!  :cayo: and with mod_rewrite I able to forward any request from the old urls to the new domain without a hassle!

<ifmodule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Nokia N103 haha

Nokia is going to bring down Blackberry & Iphone 4 with their Newly Launched Nokia N103. Will be exclusively Launching in Dubai GITEX 2011

Specification of N 103 : X_X
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It’s back!

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