Tron 3D

Di sebabkan team malaysia menang suzuki cup 1Malaysia dpt cuti yehaa malam ni tgk midnite with puan gediks tron 3d kat gsc maxx dulu IMAX skang gsc beli kott??

Movies week!!

Me and my soulmate being carving for a movies that wont make us SLEEP in the cinema, the last movies we seen that can be considered worth the money we pay is Alvin and the chipmunks then last week we try to watch the so called Cloverfield that almost make me PUKE in the cinema chair LOL (Note: I Don’t Like anything LIKE a FPS GAME!!) it make me dizzy :p and I end up frustrated with the quality of the current movies these day, oh forgot to mention that I also watched In the Name of the King that also quite boring that almost make me sleep half way but I try to keep my self awake :p.

So today (actually just a few hours a go :P) watched the all old time war heroes when I was a child :P Rambo 4 , Finally my long wait paid off, finally someone did make a movies that worth paying for, Even the plot is still the same as the old rambo movies, someone get into trouble john rambo came to save the day but the bloodiness and the brutal killing and the gun and explosion oh I almost forgot the kewl sniper that blew the evil soldier (DAM HEADSHOT :P) can make you forget about that and the end of the movies, So I recommend you go watch it at the cinema you won’t get the feel when watching those pirated copy :).

My Next movies in my wishlist is :

Iron Man, The Dark Knight (Batman) and Meet The Spartans ( a parody of 300 :D) can’t think of other that interesting right now :)

Old and New

Currently watching Kabuto 26 RAWS! :p and some old movie like The Matrix Reloaded, maybe next week going to see Dragon Tiger Gate at the Cinema if i have the time :)

Loli time!! haha

1st post on this categories :), from now on I will post my boring schedule of anime marathon :p.

For today it LOLI time! Card Capture Sakura :o right I’m wacthing Episode 1-10 season one of the series. and I’m planing watching Smallville Season 3 after that (just finish d/loading it yesterday). I still got 100GB of anime to watch so stay tune! :p it gonna be a long list after this :)