Sony Malaysia Buat lawak?

Petang tadi dalam pukul 3 lelebih la dpt email dari sony malaysia berikut adalah sedutan email tu la:

Dear Nor idzuwan,


You have been selected as one of our lucky winners for participating in our Sony Panel Cyber-Shot camera survey!

You have won yourself an exclusive Cyber-shot Travelling premium gift.

To redeem your gift, kindly email your personal details along with your unique PIN number to with the following:

Email Subject: RE: Sony Cyber-shot Customer Survey
Name (as per I.C):
Contact Number:
Your unique PIN number:

Please reply by Friday, 6th May 2011 with the above details.

Your gift will be sent to the designated address provided upon verification.

Thank you for your valuable feedback and time participating in our customer survey.
Yours sincerely,

My Sony Team
Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

wah dalam hati ada taman tapi di sebabkan baru bangun tido time baca email tu biar je la dulu jab2 lagi baru buat nyer, akan tetapi selang beberapa puluh minit selepas itu blekberi duk alert email baru dari sony malaysia:

Dear Sir/Madam,
You may have received an email entitled, 'My Sony Cyber-shot Customer Survey' that was sent out on 28/4/2011.

We are currently investigating this incident. Please ignore the email receieved prior to this one.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenienced caused.

Yours sincerely,

My Sony Team
Sony (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

apa ke jadah nyer ini? boleh lak cam tu? systems dah fakaped ke? atau ada org buat dajal? dah la tengah kecoh pasal PSN server kene compromised tambah lak ni? mmg EPIC PHAIL sony cam ni

:30: :11: :01:

urghhh … urge … to kill…..

At some point I can say now days the average computer savvy geeks has been drafted to the very stressful and low-paying ranks of “Technical Support” although (no offense) the streamyx customer support are opposite this situation :11: . I have my share with “Tech support” on my everyday work from my previous company and current. Whether due to job description or a family favor, sometimes you just have to help out a computer user in need or youself go lurking around some forum looking for a trouble user that need help (omg how noble us geek are, well sometime lol) that why people call us geeks in the first place right? :17: .

Unfortunately amongst the throngs of the clueless, there’s bound to be a handful (i think more than you can handle) that stand out for their phenomenal lack of usable brain cells and amazing inability to listen and follow directions being given :01: . When this kind of these lusers needs help, brace yourself and prepared to work through your break/sleep time/game time/gediks time (note the last one only apply to me :p) :tensen: , bang your head on the wall a few hundred or maybe thousand of times :hedban: , and hit the mute button on the phone and scream  :23 (NOTE: in streamyx customer support are the opposite again it US that are screaming not them haha).

When encountering with such a tremendous feel the pain in the ass, the only way to classify the problem is PEBKAC. Don’t know what PEBKAC is? :20:  … still dont know? :18:  …have you google it?  :blur:   …OMG still?  :09:  …still no clue??  :21:  …whatt???? :19:   …you got to be kidding me? :28: …you found it?  :31: YAY now you know you are not one of them because you know without I have to tell you what is it GOOD JOB! :03: , But because I’m feeling so generous today (actually have to much time to waste), i’ll help you out.

PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair. :swt:


lastly thank for my colleagues comment that inspire me to write this shit lol :joget:

Our ftp works just fine, tested. Remote PEBKAC, please use LART. Koistinen, Petri

2009 wishlist!

Tahun 2009 wishlist!! haha sesiapa yang bermurah hati nak hadiah ke aku barang2 ni sangat di alu-alukan :p

1. SAL16-105 :D


2. Minolta AF 50mm F1.7


3. New RIDE! hahaha (cik tunang cakap aku gila sebab nak beli ni muhahaha)


4. PSP! for and cik tunang


takat ni tu jer leh pk rasa nak tambah esok lusa plak la aku buat 2009 wishlist part 2! muhahaha