My DJI F330 FPV setup

This is my current F330 Quad, big quad does not suite me for some reason

– DJI F330 frame (will be retired soon with a spider quad)

– AQ50d Pro Flight controller

– EMAX 1200kv motors (will be changed to a Turnigy 1100kv motor) with 8×4.5 props

– TowerPro 18A ESC

– 5.8ghz 200mw with cloverleaf (SPW now)

– 520tvl CCTV Cams

– HD keychain cams #808 #18 (Dead on the last crash)

– 2200mAh Lipo with average 6Min flight time

– AUW not sure I dont have a scale almost 900g probably


This last video from the keychain cams before it decide to die on me


Hobbyking X550 Completed

I posted a short review on the X550, today I actually finished and with my AQ50D installed on it I maiden the quad!, I’m using HBK 800kv motors and SS 18A ESC (gonna flash it later with SimonK firmware)

My current setup for the quad:

– AQ50D

– Super Simple ESC 18A

– 2213N 800Kv Brushless Motor

– 10×4.5 propeller

– 2200mAh 25C

– 5.8ghz FPV VTX with clover leaf antenna (not installed yet)

– HBK E-OSD with CL-OSD Firmware

On average hover and some forward flight only getting max 6 minutes with the 2200mAh battery, maybe will upgrade it to 5000mAh or parallel 2 of those 2200mAh battery as after I’m use to the frame I will install my FPV equipment to the frame it probably gonna add more weight to it and even shorten my flight time.

some picture:


Flight video will follow later :), I have high hope with this quad :p