Diablo 3 Confirmed!

FINALLY!!!! Blizzard officially announced DIABLO 3!!!! a few days a go I was chatting with some guys in #saiyaman-malay @ irc.irchigway.net about the old diablo 2 game and wondering when does blizzard going to make diablo 3 and most of us realy anticipating the release, and today a News on AusGamers website stumble me speechless! Diablo 3 Confirmed! OMG!!! I could not belive it finally! after a long waited blizzard annouced the coming release of Diablo 3!

for more info click the link below:

AusGamers News: www.ausgamers.com/news/read/2639289

Diablo 3 Offcial Website! : www.blizzard.com/diablo3/

Diablo 3 gameplay video!: