Repetier-Host Slic3r config

Request by my reader here is my Slic3r setting that I use with Repetier-Host


This is what I used to print this:

20140612_012350Slic3r Setting, only for the important stuff

Layer And Perimeters:







last but not least my Extruder setting, this you need to probably fine tune to your printer





MendelMax 1.5 Calibration Part 2 + extra

Here is my final print,

10% infill 0.3 layer

100mm/s retract speed

3mm retract lenght

couldt be more happy with the result  :cayo:


In addition to that I added a servo for auto bed leveling :) work quite nice I must say but problem is the servo is to far out to the front, I will need to print a new x-carriage so I can put the servo to the side so it can cover a lot more bed surface


Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 3 (Completed)

Finally a fully functional Reprap 3D printer, got my crucial part for cleaning up my wiring which is a acrylic plate, cleaned up my wiring nice and tidy now :), for previous post

Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 1

Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 2

20140530_225313everything wrap up nicely now no more messy cable dangling around

20140530_225116 20140530_224953printer still need some calibration, initial Slic3r setting seem close enough printing 20×20 cube yield 20.x result which is acceptable for me


here few thing that I have printed after the calibration,

Gopro 2 Naked mount (


Base Plate and if you notice it now attached to my front frame of the printer :)




a few micro quad arm (

MishaT Spool holder (, bought the bearing from,


attached nicely to the printer :)

Some Keychain made using thinkercad which have my HAM callsign 9W2DLR :)20140529_155906

XT60 battery cap, this was actually my first print and get me realize that my Y axis are inverted :p20140529_000359


Overall it a fun build and straight forward, I still waiting for my LCD controller so I don’t need to have my laptop connected to the RAMPS when printing which is sometime will take 12 hours! :)

I tried to print Zam Kossel part but 20 minutes before completion whole house when blackout! the print almost take 5 hours but failed at the end but I think I can still use the part

20140530_225047more to come, hopefully can do some video showing the printer printing :)

Stay tuned





Blomker Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 2

Another update of my Mendelmax Build, Part 1 can be found here Mendelmax 1.5 3D Printer BuildLog Part 1

Originally the extruder drive is installed like this but I don’t like to see the cable poking like that, What I did was I just rotated it 90 degree problem solve :D


after rotated


next is fixing the loose hotend, Mr, Bayer suggested to put a M8 washer between the hotend/extruder but unfortunately the  M8 washer a slightly bigger than the hole of the hotend, but lucky enough if you an RC and have these at your disposal


I taken the motor mount from the small brushless motor, take my dremel and grind it flat! presto you have a perfect fit washer which solve my loose hotend problem :)


nice fit in the extruder


Perfect fit!



this the fun part, software and electronics testing, I’m using repetier-host for my software for now until my LCD controller arrive, wiring still a mess as I need to test the RAMPS1.4 first before tidying up everything,





when sending my XYZ to home I just realize that my machine is backward lol! look like I have to fix that later and also need to move my spool holder to the back of the printer, plus need to re-route the extruder fans/hotend cable to the back too

20140528_082050Kapton tape! ensential vitamin when dealing with 3D printer


Because it was late I was not able to finish software testing only manage to test my end stop are working perfectly fine, more to come stay tune!