FX-61 Hobbyking Phantom FPV

Last year bought this plane for my fpv’ng but due to it large size it hard to bring this beast around, plane will be given away for free to anyone in malaysia if you are willing to pickup it up from me :)

Hobbyking does not seem to re-stock the plane anymore most probably it has been replaced by FX-71 buffalo or Go Discovery wing

My current setup of the wing are

– NTM 3536 1400KV 600Watt motor with 60A ESC

– 10×6 aeronaut carbon cam

– 4200mAh for short range and 10,000mAh battery 3S

– MG929 hobbyking 12g servo

– PV0420 640tvl with 200mw bevrc 1.3ghz video transmitter

– BEVRC RX with 5 turn Helical (10km record so far with 200mw)

– Dominator Goggle

– Storm OSD with RTH

Kits will include NOTHING only bare kits no servo or anything

some picture of it current condition


not pretty but still flyable :D, here was previously assemble with OSD

20130609_170041 20130622_091642 20130622_133542

last video FPV around Puncak jalil with inverted landing at the end :D

Room Clean up

Taking some time to clean up and organize my “workshop” last night, Bought Pegboard from a shop from gombak for RM86 and the mounting hardware from Ace (30%)


DIY PVC wall Plane Rackplane_hang