FLSUN Cube 3D printer Assembly Day #1

Last week I sold of my Flashforge Dreamer and decided to look for a replacement, I was planning to buy the Tevo Tarantula Kits, but after browsing around I stumbled across the new FLSUN large (FLSUN Cube)build volume print, compare to the Tevo it seem this one have a more rigid structure with almost like corexy setup, plus did I mention is big? and so I ordered one via Aliexpress App and to my luck is was on sales.

Here some specs of the printer:


I have to give some credit to the seller for the very prompt respond and shipping, Ordered on Thursday and on Tuesday I got the printer, that was some fast shipping from china to Malaysia




Some Unboxing, the box come with a little damages but upon inception I don’t see any broken part so it good, so full mark with the packaging here

Some picture of the contain, very well packed and organize

I started the build last night but only manage to finish the frame for now, more to come!


To Be continued…



MendelMax 1.5 Calibration Part 2 + extra

Here is my final print,

10% infill 0.3 layer

100mm/s retract speed

3mm retract lenght

couldt be more happy with the resultĀ  :cayo:


In addition to that I added a servo for auto bed leveling :) work quite nice I must say but problem is the servo is to far out to the front, I will need to print a new x-carriage so I can put the servo to the side so it can cover a lot more bed surface