GoodLuckBuy ATT-X4-16 650 Quad

Been testing the frame for a while now still can’t get APM2.6 to fly properly with the frame, need more flight time on it, my current setup as follow

– ATT-X4-16 650 Quad (Goodluckbuy)
– RCTimer 650kv motor with 12×4.5 carbon nylon props
– F30A simonk ESC
– Hobbyking Power Distributor board
– RCTIMER gorpo2 brushless gimbal combo
– 4200mAh 4S 40c Ty-MAX lipo


– Big Size! can take up to 13″ props
– Double CF plate top/bottom for motor mount which X8 configuration posible
– Foldable! easy for transportation especially when you use big props!


– Frame come with no build instruction
– landing gear are a joke so flimsy might as well get a sturdier one
– heavy frame 400g+
– Fiber glass rod, invest some money on CF rod 12mm for landing skid 16mm for arm

I used 12×12 aluminum for my Gimbal mounting as I have no way to mount my gimbal with the 12mm rod, everage flight time 5 min  probarly the tymax battery is going to die early, and I have not even put my FPV gear yet , will have to figure out most efficient setup and props combination with the motor