How to clear your AutoComplete History

AutoComplete is a feature offered by many browsers to keep track of information that you have recently typed, such as website address, and form information (like login forms). Its purpose is to try and anticipate what you are typing so that it can provide you with possible matches and thus save you time. But sometime you don’t want other people to know that you are searching right :p (you get what I mean when you are reading this).

so here is how you can remove autocomplete entry from firefox and Internet Exporler, for this example we be using IE7 and firefox 2

Fire up your IE7 and go to “Tools -> Internet Options ” click on the general tabs find a buttons under the “Browsing History” part labeled “Delete” it should look like this:


Choose the want that you want to delete and obviously we want to delete the auto complete which is the “Form Data” :) click delete forms and you are done!.

On Firefox go to “Tools -> Options -> Privacy” On the Private data section which is located at the bottom of the tab click the “Clear Now..” button a pop ups that look similar to this will show up:


Choose the type of data you want to clear in our case it would be “Saved Form and Search History” and you are done.

Note: In firefox linux/unix it not the same the option can be found in menu “EDIT -> Preferences” .

If you want to disable auto complete permanently you do it by configuring it in the option

1. In IE7 “Tools ->Internet Options -> Contents tab” click on the autocomplete setting and uncheck check stuff that you don’t want.


2. In firefox “Tools->Options->Privacy” Uncheck the marked option like in the picture to disable it.


If you have any question regarding this just leave a comment

Thank you.

Secure Your Wifi! NOW!

This messages is for those who OWN a wireless router.

Why I urge you guys to secure it?, I recently moved to a new place since the new house have no telephone line which mean I have no internet access until I get the phone line (DAM!). So booted my Ubuntu and plugged my D-Link DWL-G122 usb wireless stick to my notebook (I haven’t used it for while because my notebook have internal wifi card)

So you guys much be wondering why should I use it now, It because DLink DWL-G122 Rev C1 are commonly known for cracking Wireless AP :) and I urgently need an Internet access (You should get the point) . So you have configured your AP to use WEP either 64 or 126 bit hex key and you it think it secure enough, guess what you might want to think about it again, with a proper sotfware tools, knowlage and hardware (which I do meet the requirement :p) now days I can easily Crack WEP configured router for WPA it can be done too but we malaysian like too use password that commonly not listed in any password list in the net :D (Good for those WPA guys are safe from me :p).

Around my house (I’m at the 6th Floor btw) I can see average 5-7 AP available, In just 30 minutes I cracked most of them :p, just a few that take a bit longer because it have no client active when I’m doing the cracking. WEP is actually safe for common people but IT NOT SAFE AROUND PEOPLE LIKE ME! SO BEWARE! >:) here some tips help you guys strengthen up your wireless networks.

  1. If you going to use WEP combine it with MAC address access list so only your pre-define MAC address can connect to your AP.
  2. Use WPA!! and with a not common use password combine it with letter and number!! So if some realy want to crack your AP it will give him a lot of time to do it or maybe fail and give up :p
  3. !!!CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT ACCESS POINT ROUTER!!! don’t think you configured using WEP no one will able to connect, example all of the crack AP around my house still using the default password for the router ADMIN this is common mistake when people think there are secure enough!!
  4. !!!CHANGE YOUR DEFAULT ACCESS POINT ROUTER!! <– MANDATORY!! (just to make sure you remember! :P)
  5. Always check your Access Point Log if you configured DHCP check the client list!! make sure NO UNWANTED people connecting!!!

I really really really really really recommended using WPA because even using MAC Address List I can still connect by spoofing the MAC access to a Valid Mac address that allowed by the Access Point!. Unless you are like me that own 2 firewall that I can configured it to block any IP that not in the access list so I don’t really mind someone manage to crack my WEP key because they wont get anywhere with it :D

Thanks for reading my 1st can be considered useful for some people :D

VPN ?? meh tgk sket

Ni time aku rajin sikit, sikit jer tak banyak mende tengah ada idea sebelum aku lupa baik aku share kat sini nanti kalau depan-depan aku lupa bley gak tengok-tengok balik ape yg aku tulis ni,

** !!!AMARAN!!! **


** !!!AMARAN!!! **

Resepi hari ni:

Cara mudah untuk setup Virtual Private Network guna MPD atas FreeBSD 6.0 nasib la kalau korang guna version lain dah ini jer yang aku ada tapi takpa versi lain bley apply aku rasa ni try & error :p
Ni kalau korang tengok contoh network layout aku:

LAN network : (
Gateway LAN :
IP Luar / ISP : (ni contoh kalau static kalau dynamic nanti aku story lebih kat bawah)
IP untuk VPN server :
IP untuk VPN client :, …. suka hati korang la nak letak byk mane pun

sebelum korang try check dulu ler kernel korang tu dah compile untuk support pseudo-device aka “tun” kalau takda sila compile cara nak compile jgn tanya leceh aku nak panjang-panjang kat sini korang gi la cari dalam freebsd handbooks ada situ dia dah sesiap ajar baca jangan tak baca kalau dah siap baru sambung baca yang kat bawah ni plak.

Bahan-bahan yang di perlukan:

1. Akses root kalau takda jangan nak mengatal try bazir masa jer
2. FreeBSD ports (make sure korang dah cvsup yang latest)
3. Mpd – Multi-link PPP daemon based on netgraph


Install MPD dari FreeBSD ports untuk contoh ni aku guna version 3 dia duk dalam /usr/ports/net/mpd/ kalau time korang baca ni dah ada yang versi lain tak tau ler aku.

# cd /usr/ports/net/mpd
# make && make install && make clean

lepas dah siap install tu (harap-harap takda la error ye) meh kita create config plak, kebiasaannya semua contoh config ada duk dalam /usr/local/etc/mpd/ kalau rajin nak tgk sila la tgk kalau malas ikut jer ape yg aku suh buat ni:

Edit mpd.conf guna la editor ape yang korang suka aku tak kesah copy paste ni ubah mane yang patut:

# mpd.conf – mpd VPN configuration file

load pptp0
load pptp1

# Kalau korang nak byk conection add la mende alah ni bebanyak contoh ni aku buat 2 jer
# load pptp3
# load pptp4
# load pptp5

new -i ng0 pptp0 pptp0
set ipcp ranges
load global

new -i ng1 pptp1 pptp1
set ipcp ranges
load global

# Sama macam kat atas kalau korang buat 5 letak la 5 option untuk tiap satu interface

set iface disable on-demand
set iface enable proxy-arp
set iface idle 3600
set iface mtu 1400
set bundle disable multilink
set bundle enable compression
set bundle enable crypt-reqd
set link mtu 1400
set link no pap chap
set link enable chap
set link enable chap-msv1
set link enable chap-msv2
set link keep-alive 10 60
set link enable acfcomp protocomp
set ipcp yes vjcomp
set ipcp dns # Set DNS yang korang nak pakai
set pptp disable delayed-ack
set pptp disable windowing
set ccp yes mppc
set ccp yes mpp-e40
set ccp yes mpp-e56
set ccp yes mpp-e128
set ccp yes mpp-stateless
set ccp no mpp-compress

ok siap save ke /usr/local/etc/mpd/mpd.conf

Sekarang kita buat mpd.links plak cam biasa edit /usr/local/etc/mpd/mpd.links kalau takda create jgn byk cerita isi perut nyer …

# mpd.links – mpd VPN links file

set link type pptp
# Ni kalau korang ada static ip letak la ip server korang tu kalau takda
# guna dynamic dns free set jer domain abih citer boleh belaka mende ni
# contoh
# set pptp self
set pptp self
set pptp enable incoming
set pptp disable originate

set link type pptp
set pptp self
set pptp enable incoming
set pptp disable originate

sama cam mpd.conf kalau korang set 5 pptp tu kene la ada lima define kat sini jgn kurang plak
dah siap cam biasa save /usr/local/etc/mpd/mpd.links

OK Seterus nyer password files plak /usr/local/etc/mpd/mpd.secret

# mpd.secret – mpd VPN password file

admin “kambing”
ahmad “temp123”

Save ke /usr/local/etc/mpd.secret suka hati korang la nak add byk mane user dalam ni, jangan lupa plak set permission files ni root saje yang boleh baca kang kantoi plak password semua org baca.

# chmod 0600 /usr/local/etc/mpd/mpd.secret

fuh letih gak menaip campur copy paste ni, ok sambung skang edit rc.conf add :

### PPTP VPN Server ###

ni kalau korang reboot nanti dia automatis on ler takyah la nak sesusah nak on kan manual.
pastu edit /etc/syslog.conf add ni plak:

*.* /var/log/mpd.log

Save kendian restart syslogd

# touch /var/log/mpd.log
# killall -HUP syslogd

kalau korang nak rotate log edit /etc/newsyslog.conf add :

# logfilename [owner:group] mode count size when flags
/var/log/mpd.log 644 4 100 * J

kalau tak nak takyah usik biarkan jer log tu sampai 1GB hehe, step ni plak utk org yang rajin cam aku malas tapi sebab aku tau ada yang rajin nak buat.

Edit /etc/hosts tambah

# VPN Server IP vpn-iface

# VPN client IP ni korang add la semua yang ada dalam mpd.conf tu pptp0 pptp1

Save kalau tak save bazir masa jer menaip byk2 tadi tu. Skang meh kita test start MPD suka korang nak guna script dia bagi tu ke or taip jer command dia

# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ start


# /usr/local/sbin/mpd -b

sama jer script atas tu balik-balik run mpd -b gak pandai korang la nak run cam mane.

check log kalau ok dia kuar cam ni dalam log:

May 16 14:21:20 kambing mpd: mpd: pid 805, version 3.18 ( 18:17 15-May-2006)
May 16 14:21:20 kambing mpd: [pptp0] ppp node is “mpd805-pptp0”
May 16 14:21:20 kambing mpd: mpd: local IP address for PPTP is
May 16 14:21:20 kambing mpd: [pptp0] using interface ng0
May 16 14:21:20 kambing mpd: [pptp1] ppp node is “mpd805-pptp1”
May 16 14:21:21 kambing mpd: [pptp1] using interface ng1
May 16 14:21:21 kambing mpd: [pptp2] ppp node is “mpd805-pptp2”
May 16 14:21:21 kambing mpd: [pptp2] using interface ng2

haa kalau cam tu ok la tu dah UP bley la try guna client window untuk connect, tapi sebelum tu ejas la firewall rules dulu kalau tak nanti takleh connect plak sebab kene block tu kalau korang ada firewall la bagi yang pass in all & pass out all tu kalau nak ejas juga pandai korang la aku tak larang

# PPTP – Allow connection to VPN
/sbin/ipfw add pass log tcp from any to any 1723 setup
/sbin/ipfw add pass gre from any to any
/sbin/ipfw add pass all from any to any via ng0
/sbin/ipfw add pass all from any to any via ng1

Kalau korang ada byk interface ulang rules last tu (untuk ng0/1) tapi kene match dengan interface nyer

OK abih pasal Server setup kita setup client plak tapi aku dah letih nak sambung jadi sambung lenkali
kalau korang ni jenis tak sabar,rakus & tamak tak sanggup nak tunggu gi SINI ada uncut version nyer version cara untuk setup client aku dah malas ni.

Sebarang comment pandai-pandai la comment takkan tu nak aku ajar gak kalau tak jadi tanya sini kalau aku rajin aku jawap hehe



Takala kebosanan melanda maka lahirlah sekor kambing yang tidak dpt di kesan asal usul nyer!

#!#c:\Perl\bin\perl.exe -w
use strict;
use IO::Socket;

# maklumat penting! untuk ternakan kambing anda
my $pelayan = ““;
my $nama_kambing_anda = “kekambing”;
my $spesis = “gurun”;

# kandang kambing anda
my $kandang = “#saiyaman-malay”;

# koneksi ke irc server
my $sock = new IO::Socket::INET(PeerAddr => $pelayan,
PeerPort => 6667,
Proto => ‘tcp’) or
die “kambing betul takleh connect plak\n”;
# membuat koneksi ke pelayan
print $sock “NICK $nama_kambing_anda\r\n”;
print $sock “USER $spesis 8 * :Kambing Ternakan zuan\r\n”;

# baca info dari pelayan tunjuk kambing dah masuk
while (my $input = < $sock>) {
if ($input =~ /004/) {
elsif ($input =~ /433/) {
die “kambing telah mampus di baham rimau!.”;

# masuk ke kandang.
print $sock “JOIN $kandang\r\n”;

while (my $input = < $sock>) {
chop $input;
if ($input =~ /^PING(.*)$/i) {
# main ping pong dengan server kalau tak nanti kene sembelih
print $sock “PONG $1\r\n”;
else {
# taik kambing bersepah-sepah
print “$input\n”;

* [kekambing] (~gurun@18251e65.2f9b2a4a.4e929bd.2fc699fcX): Kambing Ternakan zuan
* [kekambing] #saiyaman-malay
* [kekambing] :The IRCHighWay Network
* [kekambing] End of WHOIS list.

PS: nak curik copy ke ape dengan kod di atas silakan takda sape nak marah lepas ko amik ko cakap ko punya aku curik yg ko pun aku takde nak marah nyer sebab aku pun lupa mane aku dapat coding ni har har har harun!